Kairos Prison Ministry of Connecticut
changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the world

What it is:

Kairos Inside is a prison ministry whose mission is to develop Christian communities inside prisons. During the 3½ day Weekend, volunteers show the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ through talks, meditations, chapel visits, music, listening and loving. After the Weekend,  monthly Reunions also take place with the free-world volunteers in attendance, and in some facilities small groups called Prayer and Share are held weekly. These Weekends provide a front-row seat to God’s miracles. Kairos means “God’s Special Time” or “in the fullness of time."

Kairos inside

Where we serve:

Men's Inside Weekends occur at Corrigan and MacDougall with one new correctional facility TBD

Women's Inside Weekends occur in the fall (usually mid October) at York CI.

What's required:

Volunteers must be willing to:

  • Be prayerful
  • Complete the Kairos team application
  • Complete the CT Department of Corrections application form, be approved, and complete DOC orientation.
  • Complete the necessary 36 hours of training and teambuilding with their respective Weekend team. Trainings normally occur over six Saturdays leading up to the retreat
  • Be available for the 3½ day Weekend. Men's Weekends run from Thursday through Sunday, while Women's Weekends run from Wednesday through Saturday
  • Return to prison one Saturday each month for the majority of the next 12 months to attend a Kairos community "Reunion"
  • Come expecting to have a front row seat to see God's miracles inside prison

Leadership for the weekend will guide new team members through the paperwork process

What is the impact:

See for yourself the impacts of Kairos Men's Inside and Kairos Women's Inside in the following videos.