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Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World
John--He said that he felt very much alone in this prison- even forgotten and unloved but since he came to this Kairos Weekend he felt an overflow of Love and the knowledge that he was not alone. Even in his cell all of your prayers are there with him and God is there as well. Thank you all!
Edward—He has found steadiness and sturdiness in his soul now that he never had before. He also has a love in his heart that he had never felt, thanks to God. He originally didn't know what to expect but walked away with a clear mind. He said that even though his body was in this prison, he was free from the prison of his heart, mind and soul and that is something that no one can take away from him.
Damon—He had many needs when he first came here. He needed his spirit built up, he was spiritually drained and he was hurting in every way. The Lord met all his needs and more. He is no longer lonely or judgmental. God is saving him to share and spread the Word in the surroundings that he puts himself in. I need to hug and be hugged.

Julius--He said that he was recharged and mended of many hurts from the last two decades. The other big lesson was forgiveness and letting go. He claimed that in Amos 3:3, he found comfort and healing of family that had deserted him. He found a whole new family. His light was dimming and almost out but here he found acceptance. He almost drowned in his tears but seeing all the prayer hands around the 20’ X 30' walls and the knowledge and hope for a new family with the Word in his heart—the Holy Spirit in this prison is so powerful that you could turn out the lights in this room and people out in the corridors could see the Light of the Lord!
Please see below a beautiful letter written by a KO Sister expressing the wonderful experience of her loved one on a Garner Weekend.

January 9, 2013

Dear Kairos Inside Volunteers:
I want to thank all of you for your dedication, time commitment and recent participation in the Garner CI Weekend!
My son was one of the inmates blessed to participated in the last Weekend and I have to tell you it was an incredible experience for him. He called me Saturday night and I immediately knew something was different with him, in him! It brings tears of joy and gratefulness now as I write this note recalling that phone call and the overwhelming change in him.
Although he knew very well the joy, love and change that I experienced on my Kairos Outside Weekend, he was still very nervous about attending. Partly due to his diminished mental capacity and the unknown of the event. He almost backed out of attending. Praise God he did attend. He found such unconditional love, joy and camaraderie through the men that provided the Weekend. His faith in God was vastly renewed and he felt a connection of kindness from many of you.
It is impossible to properly relate the incredible difference you made in his life that Weekend as I’m sure you did in all the inmates that attended.
His joy and faith in God remain strong and his outlook on life inside has been uplifted. All because of you! Thank you for giving my son such a life altering gift – one that will last and sustain him long after I’m gone. Thank you, thank you for the hours you dedicate to this wonderful organization and for spreading God’s message of love, faith and hope.
Forever grateful,
Kairos of Connecticut