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 One of the most important is prayer. Kairos Prison Ministry does not work without prayer. Kairos volunteers know it is not them doing the work, rather it is the Holy Spirit working through them. Pray for the Kairos Volunteers as well as the residents who we are ministering too, behind the dark walls in the prison environment.


Kairos Outside is a special weekend retreat designed to support the female loved ones of men and women who are or have been incarcerated. Families of the incarcerated "do time" right along with their loved ones. In a safe environment with loving people, women interact with other women who are in similar situations and learn to form small support groups to give them strength for the challenges they face.

The Outside Program
The Weekend Retreat consists of a series of talks and activities by women on the team sharing their life journey. Each Guest has the opportunity to review the talks in small family groups. However, sharing in the small family group is voluntary. The program is interspersed with music, prayer, fun activities and general pampering. The Weekend is Christian in nature, although no religious affiliation is necessary to attend. Those who do attend are expected to stay for the entire program.
Any adult female 20 year old, or older, whose life has been impacted by the incarceration of relatives/friends, is eligible to attend a Kairos Outside Weekend. Women, who did not have an opportunity to attend a Kairos Weekend while incarcerated, may also attend. This program IS NOT limited to those women whose relatives/friends have attended a Kairos Weekend

If you would like to be an angel on a weekend click HERE for a brochure, Click HERE for an Angel application.

Prayer Hands​​

Volunteers collect what we call "prayer hands". You can down load a prayer Hand for the Garner CI Men's Inside Weekend by clicking  HERE or you can click HERE for the MacDougall weekend or click HERE for Torch, fill it out with the dates that you are willing to pray for the team and residents. Mail too: Kairos Prison Ministry, P.O. Box 571, Tariffville, CT 06081. We hang hundreds of prayer hands on the walls of the room that we are in on each weekend

Place mats are made by different groups and are used at every meal during a Kairos weekend. They are most often made by children in their Sunday School classes. They should be signed with only the child's first name and their age. Do not put any stickies of any kind and no last names or address'. There is nothing that softens the hardest heart more than a place mat that says "God Loves You" and is signed by "Amy age 8". We need hundreds of place mats for each weekend.Mail too: Kairos Prison Ministry, P.O. Box 571, Tariffville, CT 06081


The ultimate participation, is to join a Kairos team.  Men for male prisons, and women, for female prisons, men and women especially husband and wives on torch teams, enter the institution and by using the Kairos Motto "Listen Listen Love Love"  become the tools of the Holy Spirit and help the residents experience the love of God; it is truly an awesome experience. To join a team, you need to fill out an application and be accepted by the Department Of Correction,  CLICK HERE for an application There are 36 hours of training, usually spread over 6 Saturday mornings. The weekend is held usually Thursday evening and all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We then have a 4 hour reunion on the second Saturday of every month. For more information go to the CONTACT US page, fill out the form and someone will get back to you.


It costs about $6,000 to put on a Kairos Inside weekend for 36 residents. There are several ways that you can give the team your financial support. Kairos is a 501c(3) ministry so all donations are tax deductible. 
​ You can make a tax deductible donation with a purchase of a Bible for a incarcerated resident.
​​You can also help defray the cost or any part of the $175.00 cost for a resident to be on a weekend.
Click (HERE) for form

​ ​​​​​​​
​Make checks payable to: Kairos of CT
Mail to:
 Kairos Prison Ministry
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"I ​was in prison and you came to visit me."

Matthew 25;36  

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